Posted by: dentulous | September 23, 2009

No Time For Updates

I know I should be updating more frequently…, but second year is just God awful. Labs everyday, and when I have no lab scheduled, I am still in lab making up the work I did not get done. I am in school on weekends doing more lab work. I have exams coming up and I havent even started to stusy because I spend 90% of my time on the 11th floor labs. D1’s enjoy your first year and the summer after that, second year is a totally different monster.

This is all on top of the crazy schedule I have. There are days I leave at 9pm and then have to come back in at 6:45 AM. The worst news is, the semester has just begun…… the end is nowhere in sight!



  1. hey, hows it going. I just had a question for you…do u guys do your own lab work in preclinic and in clinic. When i mean lab work i mean taking (for dentures) impressions, pouring casts, weax rims, mounting on articulator, setting teeth in…or in fixed when u have to take impression make a dye, pindex, articulate, wax, and then cast and invest. Cuz here at NJDS i think we are being taught how to be dental lab technicians not dentists and that bothers me so i was wondering how other schools operate. We do ALL of our lab work here.

  2. How’d the first semester go? Hit us up with an update.

    What were your studying hours like.
    How much sleep?

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