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No Time For Updates

I know I should be updating more frequently…, but second year is just God awful. Labs everyday, and when I have no lab scheduled, I am still in lab making up the work I did not get done. I am in school on weekends doing more lab work. I have exams coming up and I havent even started to stusy because I spend 90% of my time on the 11th floor labs. D1’s enjoy your first year and the summer after that, second year is a totally different monster.

This is all on top of the crazy schedule I have. There are days I leave at 9pm and then have to come back in at 6:45 AM. The worst news is, the semester has just begun…… the end is nowhere in sight!

Posted by: dentulous | July 25, 2009


Hard to believe we have midterms two weeks into the summer session. Will update soon. Thanks for reading

Posted by: dentulous | July 11, 2009

Some Things Never Change

I could not have been more correct when I predicted the first lab was going to be a total bust. The funny thing is, it is the exact same thing we had to do in our 1st D1 lab with minor alterations. I will admit, I totally suck at taking alginate impressions. Either I really stink at it or the faculty row instructor I had was real picky about everything. It is probably a combination of both. Wednesday was the first day of lab. I had to stay extra late just to get one alginate impression done so I could get signed off on the work. Some people had not only gotten both alginate impressions done (one for each arch), but they had made the plaster casts. Guess who those students were?

The AP’s…..not surprising. The D2’s have a lot of catching up to do. The great thing about the AP’s is that they know all these neat tricks, so to speak, if you screw up or are having trouble, so having AP’s has its advantages. Take the time to learn from them. I guarantee they will make you feel like a moron in lecture. They know everything being taught in lecture as well. It is funny how the Professors ask the class all these questions, and the only ones with the answers are the AP’s. Lots of catching up to do.

But back to lab, so I had to come in today (Saturday) to get my mandibular arch impression and then pour the plaster to make the casts. The mandible is such a **** to get an impression from. You always screw up something. If its not the retromolar pads that are the problem, then you have too many air bubbles. I must have done it 20 times before I finally got the hang of it. I got in at 11AM and finished at 4pm. What a fun start to the weekend. Im going to take pictures of the whole process on Monday so you guys have some clue as to what I am talking about. The good thing is that we have lab once a week in the summer, so if you dont finish something in lab (no one but the AP’s do), you have the rest of the week to get it done.

Ill have more on our lecture classes tomorrow.

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The Good News Keeps On Coming……..

Today we got our new instruments. I felt exactly like I did the day we got the instruments last summer, overwhelmed and scared as hell. Great another year of learning the names and uses of all these new tools and what not. Just as you get used to one thing, gotta start learning about other things, no rest I tell you. Tomorrow is the first day of lab, and that means one thing: alginate and casts. Its the first thing we did in lab during D1 too. I hated it, it was worse than any wax up, insertion or preparation I had done.

I remember the first day of lab, it was utter chaos. I really thought that I should drop out of dental school, that it was totally not worth the money. The first lab is the most poorly instructed of all the labs, and it was the most confusing. Here you are, a total newbie, trying to create the perfect alginate impression of the typodont with little to no help from faculty.  You will redo the alginate so many times due to those damn air bubbles. You spend most of the 3hrs trying to get that done. Then, you get to the tough part. You have to pour dental plaster into the alginate impression to make the stone cast, then add more plaster for the base. Once all that hardens you have to trim the cast so you get proper margins and smooth flat surfaces. What a nightmare. That day I was scheduled to leave lab at 5pm and I left around 8pm. There is no one to show you how to do anything. Had it not been for D2’s, it would have never gotten done. Also, these things break so easily. I had to redo one of the arches after I chipped a tooth. Just horrible. So all you D1’s, its gonna be damn ugly in the beginning, but after that it is smooth sailing for the most part.

And tomorrow I have to do all of what I described above, and I havent done it in a year. The great thing about D1, is that you only need to do this once. In D2, we will be makng many of these casts……just great.

Oh yeah, I also learned today that something like 8 D2’s are repeating the entire year. They failed D2 classes, had to re-mediate and then failed the remediation’s. So apparently you get to repeat the year if you fail remediation. Not fun and very costly. I guess that will serve as the incentive to kick start the study machine. Ill let you guys know how lab goes tomorrow…

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No More Breaks

Well, today was the first day of my 2nd year here at NYUCD. Sadly, the first professor we had reminded us that we should have enjoyed the month long break we had, since it would be the last. Nothing like looking forward to non stop doom and gloom on the first day of school. I have to say, classes seemed worse today than they did at any point during D1. I guess I just wasn’t ready to go back, so it might take me a while to get into that groove.

I am really nervous about starting lab. The good news is that it is only once a week in the summer, the bad news is that it is about complex restorations and we have to do removable prosthodontics, which I hear are a real **** to do. Compounding the difficulty of the material is the fact that the instructor is much tougher than Dr. Bucklan. Oh how I long for the days of D1. Haha, never thought I would say that.

The other good news, is that we no longer have weekly quizzes in D2 and no more comprehensive science midterms and finals. Every class will just have its own midterm and final. I cant help but wonder what affect this will have on my grades and studying habits. The good thing about having the weekly quizzes, is that you can gauge how you are doing before the midterm and make improvements in your studying. Now we cant do that. Studying every week for a quiz also forced us to keep up with the work. Now we have a midterm date set far away from the current date, and it seems like there is no incentive to start studying. The procrastination that I  had abandoned during D1 is slowly creeping back into my system. I must resist!

The other major news is that the class is now the D2 class plus the AP’s. To be honest, while I am sure they are nice people, I have no interest and probably will not make any real effort to get to know most of them, other than my lab neighbors. The saklad lecture hall is just too big, and there are so many new faces. Hell, I have not even met or spoken to many people in my D2 class yet, let alone the extra 100 AP’s. Maybe I will have a change in heart down the road, but right now, I am too comfortable with the group of people I have known for the past year to make any real effort in terms of making new friends.

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